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Crimson Muse

Crimson Muse

Grown up Zak is a crimson dark purple red, so intense, I’m burning inside like I’m a turf and I’ve just caught fire. Looking at him and the strong cold look in his eyes, makes me lose my tongue. I want to paint his aura, paint it so I can decipher it.- Aya

She’s like – she’s like that first shot, that first shot in a powerful series of images that just won’t leave you alone. – Zak

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Crimson Death

Crimson death official

I like super heroes because at least in these stories, females play more of a role than just being a pretty little princess. In comics, girls can be the heroes too, girls can totally kick ass. I’d like to believe that Zak and I were both in need of saving in our own ways and that, slowly but surely – every day, we’re saving each other. – Aya

When she tells me that she loves me, fire starts streaming in my veins instead of blood and I feel like my heart is going to detonate. – Zak

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