Cape Town – The Mother god

God is an artist. Look around. See for yourself. God is an extraordinaire. I hope I’m not sounding like a pantheist as I stress you once more to look around at the immanent wonder that surrounds us. As an artist myself, I often wonder about the beauty of our world. I wonder about the beauty of Africa and how to rightfully emulate it in my work.
How do I allow myself to be inspired and what inspires me? At the moment and not merely for the sake of this competition, I’m inspired by Cape Town even though I’ve never actually been there. Yes, I’m a Cape Town virgin longing to be sated. I’m inspired by the mother city and her magical mountain with the flat top, her winelands, her sandy beaches and picturesque greens. But how do I emulate her? How do I emulate Table Mountain?

Cape Town is the ultimate piece of wonder and the ultimate challenge for someone like me whose art and talent leans more on words than the physical moulding of an object.

And so it begins. As I try to create the beauty that is Cape Town, I see sky, air, greens and blues in my vision. I see nature, bright and thick along the rocky surface of the famous mountain. Gathering my thoughts, I begin to collect my materials. Dirty stones carefully carved meet my gaze, green leaves, purple flowers, white cotton and blue cardboard fit my vision. So with care and precision, I let my fingers work on my masterpiece. I think of the endless lost skies, the birds as they take flight, the sun in its burning glory and the ocean in its continuous journey of tranquillity. Elements which I personally think resemble God.

Perhaps the mother city is a glimpse of God or maybe, even better…a god herself?

God is the epitome of that thing that we know is real but feels intangible. God is an experience of everything we deem magical, impossible and out of reach. I’ve experienced the peace of watching floating clouds as white as cotton form shapes of life in the sky. I’ve experienced the simulation of flight, during a daring rollercoaster ride at the Golf Reef City amusement park. I’ve also experienced the heady heat of a bright summer day when the sun smiles down on me but never, in my 26 years of existence have I felt the arms of the Capetonian ocean envelope me. Never have I seen a mountain with an undisfigured top and a head on the side like the mouh of a lion. Never have I breathed in the fresh air that lingers on the beachfront of Camps Bay. Stupidly, never have I taken advantage of the cheap flights to Cape town that almost everyone in my hippy circle brags about. 

So basically, not only am I a Cape Town virgin, I’m also an aeroplane and an airport virgin too. Traveling is this big great mystery to me that I long to experience. 

And so with wonder, I dream. I dream of a time when I will experience such beauty. I dream of a time when I will know what they speak of when they speak of Cape Town, the mother city. I am a child born in the golden concrete that is Johannesburg, the city of gold and as much as it’s full of hustle and bustle, my heart sings with the hope of adventure and tranquillity Cape Town seems to exude. Is it really greener on the other side? 

Dear Cape Town, I pray you let me get a glimpse of you someday. #CapeTownChallenge with Travelstart 

Written by Janneth Mazibuko

Cape Town -The mother God

Cape Town on a plate 😃