NALEDI (Excerpt from new sci-fi book)

(Catching Realms #1)
Jan Art

“The world is indeed full of peril, and in it there are many dark places; but still there is much that is fair, and though in all lands love is now mingled with grief, it grows perhaps the greater.” J.R.R. Tolkien

Chapter 1
Over the Northern Seas
Grayson Falcon landed in an eerie flash of blue light leaving a trail of dust to form around him wildly. He was exhausted. His lean muscled body sunk to the floor where he sat with his knees raised and head buried in his hands. He reveled in the adrenaline he still felt every time he defied time and space.
“A blessed man is what I am,” he admitted quietly. He shook back the dark hair that framed his face and forced himself to recover. The power of his stone still flowed, enchantingly around him from the teleportation and his body ebbed. It had been an exhausting journey. He stood now, admiring the giant doors of his family mansion and found that he was quite excited to be back. He was home now – home once more where he belonged, with the people he guarded. He smiled to himself as he made his way up the clear crystal stairs leading up to the entrance of the exquisite Falcon mansion.
When he turned towards the family parlor, he stilled on his tracks in shock as he felt a strange whisper of power. It was strong and enthralling and it was the most intoxicating feeling in the world. His heart tightened in his chest and he swore it would stop. He felt a magic like no other fill his senses. It was powerful. It felt so powerful that the diamond pendant around his neck began to glow in a sparkling indigo. The magic filled his senses and his stomach coiled like snakes lived in his belly. He took a deep breath and tried to calm himself before he opened the door to the meeting quarters. Forcing himself to recover, he walked into the wide open room and found his uncle, Robert Falcon, who was also his adviser and guardian waiting for him with a frown marring his old face.
“I have been trying to get a hold of you for hours now. Where have you been Grayson? I hope you haven’t been chasing maidens again,” the old man spoke irritably. Grayson couldn’t help but laugh at how well his uncle knew him but chose to keep the wild conquests of his latest ventures all to himself. Quite simply – he was exhausted.
“I have secured many good deals for our lands uncle,” he spoke. When his uncle said nothing, he sensed something was clearly not right around the mansion since his departure.
“Uncle, what’s the problem?”
His uncle paced the room and then let out a sharp breath before he spoke again, calmly this time.
“You have a guest from the African Gold, daughter of a very good friend of mine who met his death a few weeks ago. She is eager to speak with you.”
“She?” Grayson questioned, devilment playing on his face and he couldn’t help but smile. His thirst for women was his weakness, even he knew that.
“Could you be serious for once in your life Grayson?” Robert barked.
Grayson said nothing because he wasn’t in the mood to argue with his uncle who clearly needed a sense of humour. Then he stifled a yawn, making his uncle’s brows crease in annoyance. He has hardly been back a minute and his uncle was already uptight, Grayson thought.
“She traveled very far and would not tell me her reason for being here. She wished only to speak with you and said that her matter involved the gods.”
“What do they call her uncle?” Grayson asked, curious to know why a girl from the African Gold would seek him out. African women were always too reserved, cultural and traditional. They were of no interest to him and his wild ways. And besides that, Grayson fancied women with pale skin and romance in their eyes.
“They call her Naledi Zwane, keeper of the African stone.”
The smile on Grayson’s face faded when he heard his uncle’s last words. The girl from the African Gold was a keeper? The realization made his stomach coil.

Hope you all enjoyed this very exclusive first look at my new book Titled Naledi (Catching Realms #1) to be released in July 2016

This African warrior princess was done by Mnkene.African_princess_warrior_by_mnkene


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