Crimson Muse (The Crimson #1)

Crimson Muse

If the blood running through our veins was anything but red, mine would be green, in all its shades.
Green – I’m drawn to it. Green – my, safe place.
My life was safe, calm and controlled like nature. My life was safe…until it wasn’t.
Because, even I know nature has a wild side, a jungle waiting to be explored. I guess I’m only human and the loneliness is real.
So now, when I’m not a starving artist, a drop out – fresh out of varsity, seeing the world in many shades of colour, I’m being Lithium to my best friend, helping him out of the darkness when the insanity strikes – I’m also being a muse to a ghost from the past – A forbidden muse to my best friend’s brother – Zak Nkosi.

I needed to run.
I needed to disappear – Anything to stop the madness. I watched dad’s brains explode when I was a kid and then I ran and never looked back.
I needed to run. I needed to get away and make something of myself. I needed to run but now I’m back. It took me ten years to infiltrate the upper city of Johannesburg with a franchise of Clubs called King. It took me ten years of hustling and mixing up with gangs to run an empire.
So now – When I’m not being the King of the universe, or trying by all means to win back my family – I’m trying to find a Drug Lord from my past life in order to keep my family safe. I’m also gravitating towards a forbidden muse – Ayanda Miya.

I needed to disappear for their sake and mine. But now I’m back and never has, vengeance and redemption been this vital.

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