Crimson Death (The Crimson #2)

Crimson death official


Gone is the free solo heart living her own eclectic life because I have found my prototype and it’s the most invigorating feeling in the world.
I chose red and all that it comes with – the love, the passion, the pain, the joy and the fire of it all.
This is fire – soul burning, bones breaking and hearts alight kind of fire, but sometimes…fire is the real enemy.

Gone is the wild rebel heart living his own untamed life because I’ve found my muse and it’s the most liberating feeling in the world.
It gets lonely at the top but now it doesn’t have to be, because…I have a woman.
I have a woman and I will do anything to give her the rainbows that her black and white world longs for. I will do anything to keep her safe but first…I have to take on the night and fight the demons threatening to swallow us whole.

Death is calling in Zak and Ayanda’s Crimson world.

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